Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Randomness

Six things I seriously suck at:

1. Math. I still count on my fingers to add simple things like 17 + 8. Which is 25. Which I found by counting my fingers. I'm never the score-keeper in games because it takes me forever to add up people's scores. Don't even ask me about fractions, percentages, or anything over 100.

2. Folding laundry. My parents taught me how to laundry from an early age, but clearly it didn't fully take. While I can properly wash and dry laundry (thanks to the machines that do it for me), I sadly cannot properly fold my own clothes. True story: last week, my wife texted me and asked me to fold the laundry in the dryer. I took out of the pile of clothes, attempted to fold one of her tank tops, got confused/frustrated, and ended up taking some headache medicine for the tension that had instantly gone to my brain from trying to comprehend folding women's clothing.

3. Basketball. I am not an unathletic guy, no matter what my intern Gus tells me. I'm pretty good at just about any sport I try. Except basketball. My junior high kids can totally school me at basketball. Back in Portland, a few guys spent the better part of a high school mission trip teaching me how to properly shoot a basketball, with the elbow at a ridiculous 90-degree angle. So now I can properly shoot an airball. (Actually, I totally nailed a half-court shot in our church's gym the other day, which inspired some spontaneous victory dancing).

4. Sitting still. It's never been diagnosed, but I think I have that restless legs syndrome advertised on TV commercials. It takes incredible self control for me to keep sitting in one position for more than 3 minutes at a time. This is killer during movies; there are points when my legs are bouncing up and down like I'm really nervous or have to go to the bathroom. Nope, just can't sit still. I strongly believe that this is why I remain thin--I am constantly exercising, only in very small movements.

5. Putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I just forget. Really.

6. Running long distances. Asthma + skinny chicken legs + zero motivation = not gonna win any marathons any time soon.

Anything you're naturally inept at?

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