Sunday, July 20, 2008

Camp has started!

Camp has officially started! We arrived here this afternoon from Jelgava via bus. I am sitting down in the camp office while the first camp meeting is going on the next floor up. 

Wow, so much has happened the past few days. We took a train from Riga to Jelgava on Saturday afternoon and spent the afternoon and evening taking in the sights of this city. It is quite different from Riga. Not as busy or hectic. You are less likely to get run over by a car or another pedestrian there. They have a much slower pace of life. We walked around and saw some pretty cool churches and an old palace that is now a university. After this walking tour we went back to the church where we got our stuff set up and got ready to head out for dinner. Joel and I were able to run to a mall like place where we got a box that allows us to put the memory card from our camera into his computer so we can pull off our pictures that way. So good news, we will post pictures. Most of them while we are in Latvia will not be of Joel and I, my goal is to take pictures of the kids, but I will try to get a few of us in too. 

A few things to pray for: (see the Well blog for more pics and a more detailed list)

1) Joel is the camp speaker for the week. Pray that he would have patience since there will be translating involved while he speaks. He is also working of lessons that were almost prepared for him, pray that he can take these lessons and make them his own while still sticking to the basic themes. 

2) For me personally, this has already been an incredibly challenging trip. I love to travel, and of course with travel comes inconvenience. But I think I forget about it until it is upon me. The cold showers and very hard floors have been an experience. Luckily all of the students have made the best of it and are not complaining about the situations. Pray that we can continue to keep our attitudes high as we continue to experience these inconveniences. These kids will definitely appreciate the convenience of Mesa, AZ after being here, I know I will for sure. 

3) Continue to pray for Joel and the food situation. So far I think the food has been quite good. We had a very good meal today made by some older women at Jelgava Baptist. Joel has continued to struggle. It is hard for me sometimes because he often struggles in silence and does not think of himself first. Being his wife, I am constantly concerned about him. Pray that he would continue to feel well and gain more confidence in the food. I have only seen a few things that he cannot eat, these all had peas in them. Peas are pretty obvious so this should be easy. We were told that they don't even have peanut oil here in Latvia and that they rarely use soy for anything. This cuts out two major things that we often encounter in the States. Pray that he would be reassured by this and that he would be able to stay nourished.

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  1. You guys are continually on our hearts and minds - We ALL prayed for your team as a body today in big church =) We miss you guys and can't wait to hear how this week goes.