Friday, July 25, 2008

Closing up shop

Camp is ending, in just a few hours we will be headed via bus back to Jelgava, the same city we were at last weekend. I have already seen a few tears as kids are realizing that they have to say goodbye to each other. Pray for our students, that they would be able to continue these relationships. Packing up camp is always a lot of work. I am not sure exactly what it entails at this camp. 
We will probably not have internet access while we are Jelgava, at least it will not be like what we have had here at camp. I just thought I would let you all know where we are headed next. 
We will be back on Riga starting late Sunday night and will be there until Wednesday afternoon when we fly to Frankfurt. Pray that these next few days will be great connecting time with the students from camp that are from Jelgava. Pray that our team gets some time to rest and spend together. Last night was a "no curfew" night here at camp. I myself was up until about 3am as was Joel. The mouse returned in our room, so though I was in bed before three I was not able to sleep. Some of the kids were up as late as 4 or 5am. They are tired. Pray against sickness and that their attitudes will stay positive and that we will continue to be encouraging towards each other. Well, I have to go. We are about to start our last session, Joel will be speaking for the last time. His Gospel presentation went really well last night. I will let him tell you all about it. 

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