Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 3 of camp.

This is a picture of Joel and I at
  the top of a church that we went to in Riga.

Today is day three of camp. The schedules are pretty similar every day so we are starting to get into the flow of things here. As of today we have been on this trip for a week. The week itself has gone pretty fast. A week from tomorrow we will be on our way to Frankfurt to spend the last few days of our trip there sightseeing and debriefing as a team. I am still excited about our Joel and my trip to Paris, but I honestly have not thought about it that much in the past week. 

The students are still doing awesome, they are definitely tired and are being stretched but they also are having a ton of fun, at least it looks that way. 

As for Joel and I, we are doing well. Joel has not blogged much because he has been busy making all the videos that you see on The Well Blog. He is also busy preparing his camp talks. He is doing great, I am so proud of him. It is hard to speak with a translator, but he is taking it all in stride. Right now he is off reading and just chilling for awhile. We get so little time to do that, so hopefully that will refresh him. 

The food here has stayed about the same. Breakfasts are not my favorite that is for sure. So far I have been eating some dry Honey Nut Cheerios after we get back from breakfast. I also found some more little oatmeal packets yesterday at the store that only need hot water. Joel is still doing well, he is mostly just eating potatoes and noodles. But we are thankful for the simple foods that they eat here. 

Prayer requests:
1) Continue to pray for energy and strength for Joel and I as well as our whole team. I woke up feeling very tired this morning. I have also had a very sore back after all the floors that we have slept on over the past week. So far I have only had some very minor headaches and they have not bothered me significantly. Pray that it will stay this way. 

2) Pray for the students, they are being tested and pushed to their limits. For a lot of them, this is very uncomfortable for them. Pray that they would step outside of themselves and begin to love on students. 

Thanks everyone for praying!

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  1. Hey Katie I am really enjoying reading about the trip daily. I love that picture of the two of you. I will be praying for your whole team to grow in this. I'm glad your guys group gets this amazing opportunity. I'll be praying for you, Joel and Mark.