Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Dilemma (Sort Of)

Fact #1: I leave for Europe on July 15 and come back to the states August 8.

Fact #2: The Dark Knight, the film I've been anticipating ever since the final minutes of Batman Begins, opens in theaters on July 18, three days after I leave.

This means that I'll have to wait nearly 3 weeks after its release until I can watch the film. The anticipation is eating me up.

But, there is this:

Fact #3: A week of that stay in Europe will be spent in Paris with my wife. Doesn't get much better than that! The Joker and Batman will simply have to wait.


  1. Our kids got to see Pirates of Caribbean 3 while we were in Paris. It had opened a couple of days earlier in Europe. When the movie ended @ midnight, they called their friends back here, who due to the time change were waiting in line at the theater to see it on opening night here in the states.

    You might want to see when it comes out in Frankfurt (maybe an earlier release date there) and the team could see it during the day long layover.
    Or find a theater in Riga. That's assuming that you don't mind seeing it with 13 teens :)


  2. When I was living in Germany, I had to wait upwards of 3 weeks to see movies that were already out in America. And that was only if the movie was a major release. An indie film like Juno would have taken months for me to have seen.

    The Dark Knight will be waiting for you. In IMAX.

  3. Dawn-
    I checked on IMDB for the release dates in Europe. It will release about one week after we leave Frankfurt, so I'll just have to wait. Though it would be awesome to see it with the team!

    Strangely enough, the indie film waiting thing is here too. There is literally one theater in all of Phoenix that plays any sort of independent film; and it's uber-old and sketchy. I will just have to be patient. And yes, I will definitely see it in IMAX. :)