Monday, July 21, 2008

Good Morning, day two of camp

Today is day two of camp. Joel, Mark and I are sleeping in the dorms that are just up a hill from the main building where the students are staying. I wish that I could say it was an improvement from our previous accommodations but it is not. But I get to sleep in a sleeping bag next to my husband for the first time in almost a week, so that is nice. Our students rock for what they are enduring and being flexible with. 

We woke up beautiful sun, it right away lifted my spirits. It is still not very warm but as long as it is not raining that is great with me. My spirits were quickly squashed when I attempted to take a shower. It was more of a trickle, but at least it was warm. The water is rusty here, and when I say rusty it is not just a little rusty. It has this very distinct smell and taste. You take a shower but you don't feel incredibly clean afterwards.... I won't even go off about the lack of draining in the shower and the moths that are swimming in it. I purposely did not wear my contacts in the shower because I did not really want to see where I was showering. 

Dinner last night was pretty good. We will basically be eating potatoes all week, at least we have heard. This is good for Joel, potatoes are very safe. Last night it was pretty much like stroganoff or Hamburger helper. Not my favorite, but definitely not bad. This morning was a different story. Some of our team really liked breakfast, myself not so much. It was basically cream of wheat but the thickest cream of wheat that I have ever seen. Let's just say that I am headed to the store today to see what I can get for Joel (and myself) for the week. I will be looking for bread and other things that are simple to make. We do not have access to a microwave here but we do have hot water. So I think the oatmeal and mac n cheese is going to be our best bet, let's just hope that I can find some more things like this at the store this afternoon. 

The students are in the English classes right now. They will be working along side the Josiah Venture interns to help the kids learn English better. This is a great time for our students to help the Latvian students gain confidence in their English. 

I am not sure how much time we will have to blog as the week goes on, so I thought I should get as much time in now as I can. I need to go and get the craft stuff figured out for this afternoon. 


  1. smart. very smart not wearing your contacts =)!!! made me laugh- sorry, you will someday too! he he

  2. Oh boy now just check your sleeping bags before you slip into them at night. Just speaking of past experience. Sydney says to try the albondiguis soup (no clue how you spell that). It was Syd's favorite.It's like a meatball soup. Keep having a great time & we will keep praying for you.

  3. Betsy-
    We totally checked the sleeping bags last night! Mostly because the room we're staying in is uber-creepy.

  4. Candace,
    Yeah, I am sure that I will laugh about this whole experience later, sometimes now I have to laugh because if I don't I want to cry! =) I really think this might be the most intense thing I have done.
    I am sad to say that even after I check my sleeping bag I am not reassured that there is nothing in it. I zip myself all the way in it, take a sleeping pill and try to not think of my surroundings!
    I will take some pictures of our rooms and bathrooms so you will all get a flavor of our accommodations right now!