Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Latvia Prayer Ideas

I just wanted to post some ways that you all can pray for us while we are gone for the next three and a half weeks. We will be trying to update our blog as often as we can. But if you want more specific information about out trip please see The Well Blog that is on the blog roll to the right. 

Here are the requests:

1. Food. The first and foremost worry for both Joel and I on this trip is Joel's food allergies. After our experience in Japan, eating during international travels has been a lot more scary. Just pray that Joel would have wisdom on what he should and should not eat, but also that he would have peace about eating. Also pray that we would be able to communicate clearly with waiters and chefs as we eat out. Pray that the differences in language will not hinder us from communicating his allergies. 

2. Transformation. Both Latvian students and our own high school students. I remember all of my mission trips in high school and they were critical in molding me and making me who I am today. Pray that our students would also experience God and their eyes be opened to all the different cultures around the world. 

3. Safety. Pray that as we take 13 high school students, God would give us safe travel. We have a number of different flights as well as public transportation while we are in Europe. Pray also that everyone would stay healthy as we eat food that is not familiar to us and we get little sleep and are consistently on the move. 

4. Energy. Pray for energy for Joel, Mark and I. We are all starting this trip pretty tired, so pray that we get a supernatural boost of energy as we lead this trip. 

5. Flights. With all the changes in the airlines we are just praying for smooth sailing when  it comes to the flights. We are only allowed to take 50 lbs instead of what it used to be: 70 lbs. We are also praying that none of us lose our luggage and that we make all of our connections. 


  1. I will pray for you guys. I hope God keeps you safe.

  2. I am praying. There is also a lot of my friends praying from work and for out side of work!