Friday, July 25, 2008

One Year Old

Today marks the one-year birthday of The Mayward Blog. Birthdays are always days of reflection for me. It's a time to look into the past, to see the history of my life for one year. It's also a time to look into the future, to peer into the unknown and unexpected with anticipation. As this is posted, we are on a mission trip in Europe with the high school students from RMCC. One year ago, I would never have expected to be typing that. One year ago, I was packing up my office in Portland, taking a step of faith into the unknown (and blogging about eating breakfast). We've had quite a journey since then.

One year later: we have moved and found jobs in Arizona, experienced a ridiculous amount of movies and books, done a lot of youth ministry, and spent countless of hours with old and new friends

Not bad, Mayward Blog, not bad.

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  1. way to go maywards!! =) now quit carousing around europe and get yourselves home already!