Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some pictures of camp

This is Cassidy and Narelle with one of their new Latvian friends!

The above picture is the building that the main part of the camp is in. It is absolutely beautiful. It used to be an old mansion and is now kind of a historical landmark. The ironic part of this building is that it is absolutely beautiful on the outside, but very old and unkept on the inside. This picture was taken while I was sitting on the bridge that leads up to it.  We were playing the Amazing Race and I was waiting for teams to come to my station to have a three legged race. 

I will write more later, just wanted to post a few pictures because I had a minute. 

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  1. that building is gorgeous, trying to imagine what the inside looks like.. of course you will be getting the inside scoop on the baby gender (girl). =) august 4th is coming soon. sorry about the mouse, i would not have like that one bit. ugh. miss you! i hate that i can't text you whenever i want or leave you really really long phone messages.... i know you miss that too =)