Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Randomness

Inspired by this post from Lori Wilhite, here is my progression of favorite drinks from Starbucks. I say "progression" because this has been a lifelong journey from my first foo-foo sugary drink to my current favorite:

-Java Chip Frappuccino: I drank this in my junior high days, when the taste of coffee was too much for me. This might be one of the least healthy drinks you can buy (unless they start making a "bacon-and-butter frappuccino"). It has the look and consistency of mud (and the taste of heaven).

-Peppermint White Mocha: Later in high school, my best friend Brian introduced me to the white mocha. I loved these things. When peppermint is added, this becomes the nectar of the gods.

-Peppermint Latte: What can I say, I like peppermint. I started drinking these in college, because it had the same basic components (coffee, milk, mint) but cost about a buck less. You can get these even if it's not Christmas season.
-Americano: There was a season of my life when I was a full-time college student, a junior high intern, engaged to my wife, and literally had about 15 Starbucks within a mile radius of my tiny apartment in Portland. Thus, I needed inexpensive coffee. It's a big jump from sugary lattes to straight espresso, but I now genuinely enjoy the bold flavor of the americano. It's my current favorite drink--no sugar, no milk, just pure coffee goodness.

So if you plan on buying me Starbucks any time soon, you'll know what to get!


  1. I'm no coffee drinker - but I'm addicted to Chai Lattes - hot or iced or blended. Doesn't matter I love them. My husband however drinks non fat double cappuccinos extra dry - disgusting! :)

  2. hey! see what you think of this jesus stuff!!!!

  3. I remember you coming in and ordering the peppermint lattes! shout out for me? How many of those did I make for you!? :)

  4. Lori-
    I'm quite fond of chai as well; reminds me of pumpkin pie!

    My bad! You made plenty of those peppermint lattes for me! Official shout out: you are awesome. Hope life in Seattle is going great.

    Rabbi Lars-