Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Randomness

As this year of 2008 is about halfway done, here are my 5 favorite films for the past 6 months:

5) Cloverfield - A monster movie for the postmodern world. It's the best YouTube clip you'll ever see.

4) The Orphanage - While this technically was released in 2007, it wasn't released in the U.S. until January of '08. I don't usually enjoy ghost stories, but ones with excellent acting, an intriguing plot, and some very good directing are worth it. Like this one.

3) Iron Man - For all of the super hero/comic book films coming out this year, this is the best one I've seen yet. Fast-paced and entertaining, with a great performance by Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark is the man.

2) 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days - This powerful Romanian film tackles an extremely unsettling subject (illegal abortion) in a gripping manner. It's an emotional punch to the gut that will leave you with a dual feeling of despair and compassion. It's hard to take in at times, but well worth it.

1) WALL-E - It's both a touching love story and a warning against consumerism (two themes near and dear to my heart). I'd be willing to say that it is Pixar's best film yet, and one that will probably be talked about for years to come. They took a lot of risks with it, but it all paid off quite well. It's the only 2008 film I've been willing to pay to see twice.

With such great films in the first half, I'm eagerly anticipating the second! What have been your favorite films of the year thus far?


  1. 1. Iron Man
    2. Wall E
    3. Kung Fu panda

    But, I am waiting to see The Dark Knight next week...

  2. I would definitely put WALL-E at the top of the list so far. The only movie I can see beating it right now is The Dark Knight. That is unless a big sleeper indie hit comes out later this year.

  3. Yeah, I posted this before The Dark Knight on purpose--I'm pretty sure it will already be my favorite film of the year.