Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Days 3 and 4. We are tired.

           This is Joel today at Versailles
We sat by the water and looked at the palace for awhile, the palace is way off in the distance
Joel and Katie on the top of the Eiffel Tower (yesterday)
This is me in a cemetery, it was very beautiful and slightly eerie. (yesterday)

We did not blog yesterday, so I thought I would cover everything that happened yesterday too. I will start off by saying we are tired. I am still so glad that we came to Paris and that we have a week here for just the two of us. The first few days were spent feeling like we were missing something because we did not have 13 teenagers following us everywhere we went. But by day 3 and 4, we are starting to feel the strain that we have been in Europe for three weeks now and we are tired. 

Yesterday we walked around Montmarte and then decided because it was a pretty enough day we were going to give the Eiffel Tower another try. We got down there and read on the sign that the top floor was closed temporarily. We had not eaten lunch so we walked around and found a little store that sold bread. We bought some bread and sat in the park by the Eiffel Tower eating and talking. After about an hour there, we headed back to the tower to see if the top floor had reopened, it had. We waited in line for a total of about 2 hours just to see the top. I had gone to the top four years ago and I knew that the view was beautiful. I just kept hoping that Joel agreed with me. When we finally go up there we decided it was worth the wait. 

Today we made the trek out to Versailles which proved to be more difficult that we had first thought. They had closed a few of the main train stations in the central part of Paris and instead were bussing people to other stations close by. It took us about an extra hour to get all of that figured out. Not a great way to start the day trip. We finally got out to Versailles and we were herded with the thousands of other people to the palace. It was incredible, but it was all slightly ruined by the fact that all you could see in every direction were people. I waited almost 20 minutes in line to go to the bathroom. Joel and I decided that we were not going to wait in this 2 hour line to see the inside of the palace. At this point I had decided I was done with people especially tourists. We decided to walk around the gardens instead, though there were still a lot of people it was more spread out so doable. We sat on a bench for awhile and then went down to the incredible fountains that is surrounded by grass. We sat there for awhile and read our books until we noticed tiny spiders on us. It was time to go. We then had the slowest McDonalds experience of our lives. All we wanted was cold drinks and we waited about 30 minutes for this. Overall, it was a long day. We are ready to come home. Tomorrow we are going to do some shopping and relaxing since this is our vacation. Thursday we take a train back to Frankfurt and then Friday afternoon we fly home to Phoenix! 

Tonight we are just going to rest for awhile and then go out and find us some French wine (that is if we can motivate ourselves to go down five stories and then have to come back up). 


  1. i totally understand this! by day 4 of our sf trip, i was SO done with the millions of people around us all the time...i told aaron that our next vacation is going to be spent on a beach or something where there's not sensory overload, a bunch of touristy things, or lots of people :o] i remember being excited to come back to washington, because i was "burnt out" from our vacation :o]

    but, how cool...i mean, paris, 2 year anniversary...the pictures are fabulous, and just saying "we went to paris for our anniversary"...how fantastic! enjoy it as much as you can :o]

  2. Andrea. Yeah, I have had to remind myself on numerous occasions that I am in Paris in August. What did I expect? Today I think we are going to do some shopping that should lift my spirits!