Friday, August 15, 2008

Image Control and Integrity

I was writing a post about China's image issues this Olympic games (fake fireworks, lip-syncing, underaged gymnasts, etc.), but this post by Brett McCracken articulates my thoughts far better than I could. Where is the balance between putting our best foot forward and putting on a front? Is China's less-than-subtle PR strategy raising or lowering them in the eyes of the global community? And am I truly any different in how I present myself to others?

*Update: This latest spin story is a tragic one: a 26-year-old Chinese dancer was paralyzed during a practice for the opening ceremony when a platform malfunctioned. The story was kept under wraps for over two weeks, initially reporting that she tripped and was lightly injured.

What are your thoughts on China, image control, and integrity? Another thought: what are the connections between China's scenario and the conclusion of The Dark Knight?

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  1. I was appalled when I first read this story. That poor girl is going to be scarred for life. This is what you get from the Communist Party of China. They're desperate to create a perfect image of themselves to present to the entire world to prove how awesome communism is. Everyone is an equal in China, right? What a load.

    Don't blame China as a whole though; there are lots of embarrassed citizens out there.