Friday, August 1, 2008

Our home in Paris!

We are here! After waking up this morning and going to the airport with the students to say goodbye, we found our way from the Frankfurt Airport (Flughafen) to the Main train station in Frankfurt (Hauptbahnhof), that might have been the most difficult part of this leg of our trip so far because pretty much none of it was in English, luckily, we asked someone to help us. We got to the train station and found a lovely and most welcome Starbucks to sit at while we waited about a half an hour to board our train. I have to say that I am so glad that I made the decision to take the train. It was an incredible experience. The train was very smooth and almost noiseless. The seats were very comfortable and there was plenty of room to move around. I would definitely do this again. We got to see a lot of the country side of both Germany and France though both of us nodded off now and again because we are exhausted. 

We arrived in Paris after our four hour train trip and really did not know where we were. So me being me, I decided that we were going to walk to our hotel instead of taking the Metro. This was quite the experience. It is not a very long walk from the train station to the hotel but with packs on and super busy streets, we got very tired. I think Joel was about to kill me by the time we got there, his bag is heavier than mine is. We arrived at our hotel pretty easily, we had stopped to buy a map at the train station and I am glad that we did. Checking into the hotel was a breeze, the gentleman at the desk spoke very good English and was very friendly. He gave us our key and said we were on the fifth floor. I turned around and say the smallest and most windy staircase I have ever seen in my life. The climb to the fifth floor is intense to say the least. Latvia team: you would feel right at home here with all the stairs we have already climbed! 

The top picture is of our room, Joel was busy finding an internet connection. The second picture is of the view from our hotel. We can see the very top of Sacre Coeur to the left and to the right you can see a far off view of the city. The coolest part of the hotel is that it is located in Montemarte. This is a cool little area that reminds me of Notting Hill in London. It is not a place that is super touristy though it has those places too. But this is a place where people live. We can look out and see all of these balconies with flowers on them. We went out and grabbed some baguettes and fresh raspberries for dinner from a local Boulangerie that is just up the street. Another cool fact about this area is that this is the area that the movie Amelie was filmed in. Joel and I love this movie. There are even two cafe's here that were used in the filming of this movie. Basically, I love it here. We are going to take tonight to just chill and relax, we are both very tired. Tomorrow we will begin our exploration of the city. It is strange that we are here by ourselves and don't have to be constantly worried about 13 teenagers. We are going to try and take the next week to really focus on each other and make up for the last two and a half weeks of time that we did not get to spend together. 

A few prayer requests really quick: 
1) Our students and Mark are on their way home right now. Mark is by himself with them, please pray that all of the flights go as they are supposed to. 
2) On Wednesday morning I woke up with a pretty bad sore throat. It has now turned into a full blown cold. I feel very similar to the way that I felt last winter when I was sick for over a month. There are some pretty gross white bumps on the back of my throat (sorry if that is too graphic). Please pray that I can get better soon. I got some throat lozenges in Frankfurt yesterday and found some cold medicine in Paris this evening. Because I cannot read or understand German or French I am not quite sure what I took, lets hope it does the trick and that I can get some good rest tonight that would put me on the road to recovery.
3) Pray that Joel would continue to have peace about eating here in Paris. Pray that we would be able to find places to have a French experience but that also are safe for him to eat at. 


  1. Ive been to that train station in Frankfurt!! Ok its not that exciting but im jealous you two actually got take a train. I just got to look at them. Have fun in Paris, you two both deserve the vacation. Love lots!