Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our last night in Europe

We took the train from Paris back to Frankfurt today. We found our hotel easy enough and though the area around the hotel is a bit sketchy (pretty sure we saw a drug deal happening on the street outside) the hotel itself is very nice and we feel very safe. We got freshened up and then went down to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner. I had an incredible salmon and shrimp pasta while Joel had a club sandwich which was very much like a BLT. We have really had a blast this past week. We have enjoyed the time that we have been able to spend together. But we are so ready to come back home. Here are some of the main things we are looking forward to:

1) The Dark Knight. Joel has been looking forward to this movie for a really long time. I am sure that we will be headed to the theater on Saturday after we have slightly recovered from our journey home.

2) Bowls of cereal. We cannot wait to make our own food and have food around us that is familiar. Because of how hard it is for Joel to eat things that are unknown to him, we have eaten a lot of McDonalds and Starbucks this past week. I cannot wait to get back to eating salads and chicken and bowls of cereal. I have enjoyed every chocolate croissant and baguette that we have eaten this past week, but I am also going to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables again. 

3) Our bed and shower. We have pretty much been on the move for three and a half weeks. We are excited to be in one place for a little while. Well that is until we head to Portland in two weeks and then I am off to South Dakota for work the week after that.

4) Ice cold drinks. I am looking forward to something cold to drink. I am not sure that I ever want to drink Sprite again. I really only drink Sprite in Europe because somehow even though it is rarely cold because of the bubbles, I convince myself that it is slightly cold, it gives you that bite in your mouth, you know what I mean.

5) Seeing our friends at RMCC. We have greatly missed our Junior High students these past few weeks. We had a blast with the high schoolers and we are so glad that we got to know them better, but we have missed all of the Junior Highers. We are excited to see all of our friends again. 

6) Different clothes. I cannot even remember what it was like to have a closet. I said today that I would almost be ok if they lost my bag on the way home because at least then I would not see the clothes that I have been wearing and washing in the sink for the past month. I am sure in time I will like them again. 

Ok, I think we are going to get to bed soon. We are going to try to get enough sleep to maybe help with the jet lag when we get home. We will see you all soon, even those of you in Portland! 

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