Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pop or Soda?

The above map charts out by county what the majority of people generally call that carbonated caffeine-filled liquid. The blue is "pop," the red is "coke," and the yellow is "soda." The green is "other" ("soft drink," perhaps?). It's amazing how in one country, we have so many different names for pop (yes, pop). I mean, just check out Alaska--they call it anything and everything up there.

What do you call that fizzy liquid stuff you drink at fast-food places?


  1. I call it soda... like a normal person.

    It's called a Soda Shop, not a Pop Shop. That's my defense behind it.

    I assume others would be soft drink or fizzy drink.

  2. This is so funny! We are from the Texas Panhandle ... dark red area. Where people ask: "Do you want a coke? What kind?"

    It wasn't until we moved to California that I heard differently - that crazy "soda" talk. It still sounds so weird to me!

  3. I go against our blue state with soda as well. but i used to call it pop, until i decided i was going to use the grown up word. my uncle lived in south carolina and was telling me that everything there is coke. orange coke.

  4. That's a great map. I call it Soda, like any well raised individual from the North East. Really confused those Coloradans when I moved there and they wanted to bring me a seltzer water.