Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Sunday in Paris

This is Joel and I at the Louvre.

My husband looking very studly!

A picture snapped as we walked along the river Seine

Joel and I were reflecting today and realized that today was our first Sunday off since we have come to RMCC. This is not a bad thing, we love our church and all of the people there. It was more of an observation and a realization that it was weird to not be at church on a Sunday morning. In fact in all of our walking around Paris, we have not seen one church that is not more of a museum than a church. If we had seen one we might have gone this morning.

We woke up this morning with the plan to head to the Louvre. The first Sunday of every month is free day at the Louvre and today just happened to be that day. I thought that this was a great plan because then we could go in and enjoy it with out the stress of wanting to make it worth our money. Well, I think everyone in Paris woke up today with that same idea. I am not sure that if we had waited and gone tomorrow it would have been any better, but let me tell you, I am not sure the last time I saw that many people heading like cattle down a little hallway. We made it through the crowds and saw the Mona Lisa, I had seen it before and knew that it is surprisingly small for all of the ruckus that is created just to get to it. We then wandered around other parts of the Louvre. 

When we realized that we were getting hungry we headed out to go find something to eat and then go to Notre Dame. Instead of going right inside, we went to the back side and sat in the little park that is there and read our books. It was still busy but nothing compared to the masses of people on the front side. After our time there we decided to tackle the line and head inside. Of course it was beautiful, but I think Joel and I were just deeply burdened today by how many people were there just to see Notre Dame or the Louvre and they did not realize the significance of this church or the depictions of Christ in the art work that filled both places.

There were many times today that Joel and I just sat and people watched. We wanted to take in the experience of being in Paris together not just snap every single thing in a picture. We have actually taken surprisingly few pictures in our first two days here. But as we walked around the Louvre and people were not looking at the art, they were just taking pictures of it, we realized that we wanted to leave Paris knowing we had experienced it together, we will have stories to tell and memories to think back upon, not just pictures to look at. Just a side note, I am pretty sure I was in about a 100 peoples pictures through out the day because every where we walked people just kept taking picture after picture and it was hard to dodge them all, so I decided just to walk and they could just deal with me in their pictures. 

We then returned around dinner time to Montemarte. This little area is by far our favorite in all of Paris. It is the least touristy place we have been to, people just live here they don't just take pictures. We grabbed baguettes again for dinner. All three nights we have tried three different places. We are also loving the croissants and the chocolate filled croissants. Tonight is just a chill night around here. I think most things close early on Sunday night because as we were walking around at about 6pm things were already closing. We will probably play card games and enjoy the sounds of Paris through our window and the bells of Sacre Coeur that ring often. 

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  1. so. we got to see our baby in 3-d today. Pretty cool technology even if it looks a little creepy! Baby Boy #2 is on the way sometime in the middle of dec (a little earlier if Candace has anything to do with it!). Miss you guys. I'm still trying to get adjusted to west coast time, it's brutal!

    - Mark