Friday, September 5, 2008

A Poor Choice in Signage

A church in Ohio borrowed some lyrics from Katy Perry's hit single "I Kissed a Girl" for their church sign. The sign reads:

I kissed a girl 
And I liked it
Then I went to Hell

Read the full story here. This is a case of good intentions don't always equal loving actions. The pastor is quoted as saying that they "meant that as a loving warning to teens." I'm not sure teens can see the "loving" part of the message.

What do you think? And speaking of church signs, what's the best/worst church sign slogan you've seen? (Here's a great list of 15 funny church signs)


  1. Joel, I LOVE You for commenting on this. I saw this church sign yesterday, considered blogging about it, but decided my rage was too great and probably wouldn't be very uplifting or beneficial. :)

    I seriously just don't understand how the minds of some of these Christians work..."a loving warning"....seriously? Do they honestly think that a message like that will inspire anything but anger and disbelief? When churches communicate things like that, they're pushing away the very people that they are supposedly trying to reach. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be a member of their congregation that was struggling with homosexuality. How alone, guilty, and bitter I would feel. And it just seems hypocritical to me. Why focus on that one particular sin? It just reeks of self righteousness to me.

    I can understand how it must be so frustrating to be a leader of a church these days, and to see such a sex saturated, immoral pop culture, but there has to be a better way to deal with it. Not that I have the answers (I'll leave that to the Youth Pastors like you), but the church has GOT to figure out that preaching judgement to a world outside their own is just counter-productive. Do you think I'm over the top here?

  2. Kristy-
    I don't think you're over the top. I am just as frustrated on a number of levels. First, it's a poor way to engage culture lovingly. Second, it's a poor use of pop culture to communicate. Third, it is just plain confusing. I like kissing girls (my wife, in particular); am I going to hell for that? Either the people putting up the sign genuinely believe it to be loving, which is evidence of ignorance; or they are truly trying to condemn and isolate specific members of the population, which is evidence of maliciousness.

    The thing is, do I allow myself to just get angry and lash out at fellow believers, or do I lovingly rebuke and correct and evaluate my own actions with the same criteria? It's a good question to ask oneself when these things happen.