Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reflections on Friendship

Here's a great post by Lori on "for you" and "with you" friendships. Brief quote:

"There are friends that are for you, and friends that are with you. We usually get hurt when we confuse 'for' friends and 'with' friends."

I've been recently reflecting a lot on the concept of friendship, of what it really means to befriend someone and why some friendships last and others don't. I have friendships from junior high that have not only lasted, but grown deeper throughout the years, despite long distance. I also have had friendships that appeared to have equal depth, but faded when someone moved away or a lifestyle changed. What makes some friendships last and others fade? Why are some friendships only for a season while others seem to last a lifetime? And is it okay if a friendship comes to a close?

Just some random thoughts on friendship. Care to share some more?

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