Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why I Blog

I was reading this post recently while also pondering the concept of community in an electronic culture and the value of blogs in that culture. It led to the personal question, why do I blog?
  • Do I blog in the hopes that my Technorati rating will go up?
  • Do I blog to rant and rave about my opinions?
  • Do I blog because I think I have incredible wisdom and insight into (fill in the blank) and people could learn from it?
  • Do I blog to fulfill an online need that isn't being met? (There's not enough people discussing youth ministry, theology, and film on the same blog! I must do something!)
  • Do I blog in order to inform my family/friends what I am currently doing/thinking/wishing/doubting/eating? 
  • Do I blog to make friends? 
  • Do I blog to make enemies? 
  • Do I blog because it was just one of those things that everyone seemed to be doing, so why not (i.e. bandwagon blogging)? 
  • Do I blog because I once read a book about blogging?
  • Do I blog to create a new identity, an online persona to present to the electronic world?
  • Do I blog because it's just plain fun?
  • Do I blog because it's cheaper than buying a journal?
It could be all of these, and more. But the more I've pondered it, the more I realize that I blog for me. That may sound narcissistic, but I pray that you don't see it that way. I blog because it helps me to process my thoughts into a coherent and communicable way so that I can understand my own identity better. I blog because in many ways it is like a journal, only I suck at journaling and seem to be doing alright with this medium. And I do this in a public forum--the global community of the Internet--because it creates a unique sense of accountability when one's thoughts are posted for anyone and everyone to read. When you share your life--even a small part of it--with a global community, it has the power to shape you.

I blog because, in some tiny way, I learn more about myself every time I share my heart with the online world. And I believe that the more I understand myself, the better I can love and serve others.

Why do/don't you blog?


  1. I know I have lots to learn ... lots. So, selfishly I blog. I start the conversation so that I can learn from everyone else. :)

  2. Lori, that's exactly why I read blogs, especially yours! So thanks for keeping the conversation going.