Sunday, October 5, 2008

College Group and Teamwork

I had the opportunity to speak to the RMCC college group this evening. Loved it! We had a great time talking about prayer as lifestyle instead of as singular events. I may have talked longer than expected, but it was a great time getting to know the college students and hang out with a different age group. They had some great comments and questions about prayer.

One thing I love about our church is the team mindset of the leadership. I'm not just the junior high guy, isolated to doing only junior high ministry. I've also been the worship team drummer, the blog and article writer, and the speaker for high school and college. This doesn't mean that we lose focus on each of our ministry responsibilities, but that we're trying not to become isolated silos in our church. I love that we seek to value each other's ministries and the greater mission God has given us!


  1. Joel-
    Come give KIDS Church a try:) I am sure Brian would take a break for a fun guest speaker - (not saying you aren't fun Brian), and sometimes we even have popsicles for a treat!

  2. Can't go wrong with popsicles! Just let me know, I'd love to help out!