Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kingdom-Minded Home Buying

We're planning on checking out a few houses this weekend in our hunt for a new home. Given the present economic situation in our country, this still feels like a risky move on our part. Katie and I have been discussing and praying about the decision for months. There are a lot of "what ifs?" bouncing around in my mind. But there are a few things that I know for sure in making this decision: 

First off, our security isn't in finances or investments; it's in the kingdom of God, which is far more stable than the kingdom of America. Living in suburbia, it's pretty easy to get caught up in the mindset of we need more stuff and more activities to make us happy. But we're wrestling against this paradigm and trying to model a different one--that seeking the kingdom comes first, then everything else will be added on to that.

Second, we're seeking to be wise stewards and learn from others' mistakes. This means not having multiple credit cards, car payments, or the biggest TV around. It also means we don't go out for movies or dinner too often or buy new clothes every other week. We learned in Portland that it is very possible to live comfortably and save money when being paid next to nothing; you just have to redefine what "comfortable" really means and be disciplined in what you do with your resources. 

Third, the worst case scenario is that we foolishly spend all of our savings in buying an overpriced house that significantly drops in value, then we both lose our jobs at the same time, and we finally develop debilitating diseases. And everyone in our family dies. And nuclear holocaust. Even in that completely outrageous scenario, God is still with us and for us!

I'm not gonna pretend like I have any decent grasp on the economy or like I have uber-wise financial advice. But Katie and I have evaluated the situation and we're gonna take the risky step of checking out some houses this weekend. Who knows? Maybe we'll continue to rent for the next year. Or maybe we'll find our future home!

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