Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Randomness

Silly Pet Peeves

We all have 'em--those little things that annoy us, and strangely just us. Here are a few of mine:
  • Missing a belt loop
  • Spelling "whoa" as "woah"
  • When self-checkouts at grocery stores malfunction and require an employee's help
  • Grammatical errors in published books (you'd think an editor would catch 'em)
  • Texting in the middle of a conversation
What are your pet peeves?


  1. Woah, Joel. You I think needing to calm dow... oh, excuse me one second, I'm getting a text.

  2. -I can't stand having grease on my hands.
    -Having to drink through a straw.
    -People who complain about stuff but are never willing to do anything about it.
    -People who drive slow.

  3. Cam, that was great!!!

    -Grease spots on office/homework papers.