Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Randomness

"24" is back.
I really enjoyed the first two seasons of this show, but then it went the Lost Spiral route and took a huge downward turn, the last season being predictable and pretty weaksauce (someone in CTU is a mole?! I never saw that coming!). But it's coming back in January--after a TV movie in November, which honestly looks really bad--and it's resurrected one of my favorite characters.

It's a show I'm conflicted about. It combined intense story telling and decent character development, putting people in an impossible situation and seeing what course they'll take. But it also seemed to promote violence as the answer to many of the scenarios presented in the show--if someone's gonna mess with you, they're probably a terrorist and you need to stab their jugular with a ballpoint pen. I'm all for action and impossible situations, but if the answer is consistently "kill 'em all" then it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If the writers can create an original story arc in this season and combine intense action with solid moral questions, then they've got a show I'd watch!

(ht to /film)


  1. i absolutely LOVE this show!!! i've followed it since season 1...heck, some friends of ours even have a 24 season premiere party every january! but, you're right...when jack was standing on the edge of a cliff, practically crying as the season ending scene, i was totally disappointed, too. jack is supposed to be all tough and constantly yelling at people, not sappy and emotional :o]

    i've noticed in recent seasons that the amount of just random killing seems to be less...maybe i'm wrong, though...

    anyway, that preview of next season has me counting down the days until 24 starts up again!

    thanks for posting this!

  2. I kind of feel the same way. The upcoming special event doesn't look that intriguing. I think the flare of the show has just worn off. It was good while it lasted and certainly paved the way for similar terrorist/government agency shows and movies.