Monday, November 24, 2008

Adoption as Mission

This article about adopting children as a missional practice hits home for me. Being adopted myself (I'll share more of that story some day), I'm convinced that adoption is a contemporary practice of looking after orphans in their distress. While it's likely in the far-off future, I hope to adopt a child someday. Money quote from the article:

When adoption is seen through a child's eyes, it is easy to see the missional nature of adoption. In fact, this may be the ultimate missional decision because adoption is a lifetime commitment. Many people today are adopting children with special needs. Some of these children will never grow up to be independent. The people who are adopting these little ones know that they are making a decision today that will affect the rest of their lives. Instead of raising a couple of healthy kids, sending them off to college, and then sailing off in their motor home into retirement, they will be serving the least of these until one of them "retires" into eternity. That is truly missional.


  1. That quote nearly made me cry. It definitely is a life long mission adopting a child with special needs. I only work with them for 1 hour a child and I am worn out at the end of it. They are definitely special kids! Thanks for posting that.