Thursday, November 13, 2008

Found on my car window...

Gotta love youth ministry! This was found on my car window upon leaving my office this afternoon, left by a student (I think...I haven't figured out the exact culprit yet! If you have any leads, let me know!) I'm sure I'll be cleaning up toilet paper from late night sleepover antics whenever we purchase a house. What other vocation has the people you're serving lovingly write "I eat poop" in the dust on your car's trunk? :)


  1. Lee had it done to his too - he suspected Nate Curtisi? =)

  2. So not a student, but a youth staff?! It has all the signs of a Curtisi....;)

  3. dude you have no idea what will happen when you move in...I am here to say that i will be one of the first people that will tee pee i dont just mean tee pee like most people do you know 24 rolls or what not...nope....when i get done it will look like it snowed at your house...GOOD LUCK..or and dont worry I dont need trees to be able to tee pee... :-)