Friday, November 21, 2008

House of Refuge

I spent this morning with my youth ministry friend Josh at House of Refuge here in Mesa. From their website:

House of Refuge is a faith-based, non-profit organization helping homeless families and individuals in crisis by providing transitional housing and supportive services that assist participants as they strive toward self-sufficiency and seek to attain permanent housing.

We carried boxes, threw old furniture in a dumpster, sorted food, met some feisty old ladies, and did just about anything they needed us to do. The feisty old ladies were bringing stockings for Christmas for the kids, which you can see below. Andrea, the donation center coordinator, was super friendly and helpful.

I love that the organization is helping homeless families get back on track with their lives. They have a very practical and holistic approach, helping the families get out of poverty while also holding them accountable. I'm definitely thinking it would be great to partner with HRE in the future, allowing our junior high students to learn how to serve and love others in their community as a missional kingdom-practice.

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