Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It has begun...

This past Monday I reached the 7 week mark of this pregnancy. It is normal for morning sickness to begin somewhere around the sixth week and for me it was right on time. Last week I began feeling on and off sick, still able to function and would just every once and awhile not feel well. These past few days have progressively gotten worse. Even the thought of food at this point is enough to put me over the edge. My newest slogan: "Whatever sounds good, eat it and as fast as you can, because it probably won't sound good in 10 minutes". Often this results in me choosing probably not the healthiest things to eat and I am definitely not eating as much as I was in weeks 4 and 5, but I figure at this point, the calories are more important to the baby then the nutrients. The books all say that because the baby is so little (about the size of a blueberry) it has very little nutritional needs at this time and most of these can be gotten from the pre-natal vitamins I take. So whereas a few weeks ago all I wanted was fruits and veggies, now I don't want to eat anything. So I just snack through out the day on crackers or Popsicles. There will be times that I will be sitting there for 15 minutes or so, just trying to think of anything that sounds even remotely good, watching commercials hoping that something will stand out to me as yummy. This rarely works though and I resort to trying to force something down, honestly, I will probably never like saltines again.

I am very thankful that I work at home one day a week and am able to take naps through out the day. I am also thankful that we have a four day weekend this weekend, this makes me have to take off less sick time. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be enjoying much turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes this year. So everyone, please enjoy an extra helping of your favorite Thanksgiving food for me this year, just don't tell me about it, because just hearing about food is enough to put me over the edge!


  1. This is probably a lie ... but the nurses always told me that sick was good. It shows that your body is adjusting and doing what it is supposed to do. I just tried to remember that when I was on the bathroom floor. It should last too long though .. so hang on to that!

  2. With Aaron, I had the problem of an increased appetite, and with Blake I had the same problem you have now. Probably around the six or seventh month it will get better. But don't be too hopeful, some women (like one of my friends) have morning sickness the whole pregnancy. Just hang in there and sleep/rest when you can. Drinking sprite helps for the nausea, it gets you burping. :-)

  3. I feel your pain! I was very sick with Abby and my nausea continued through most of the pregnancy. With this one, I'm starting to feel better overall but still have occasional bouts of sickness.

    PS) Congratulations, by the way! =)