Sunday, November 9, 2008

Katie update!

Since I have not written on here in awhile, I thought it was time for a Katie update:

Last week my mom came down for the weekend and we had a nice time with her. We did some shopping for dresses for my sisters wedding. We were both successful and managed to find some pretty sweet deals. My mom also hooked us up and bought us some additional things for our Wii as an early Christmas present. This created much entertainment for the rest of the weekend as my mom and Joel, played a lot. I mostly watched but it was quite fun to watch. We also have the joy of having my brother come down for a visit this next weekend. We are really excited to see him as it has been almost a year.

I am pretty sure this is my mom bowling.

On another note, this morning I ran a 10k with my good friend and running buddy Melissa. If you have been following this blog for awhile you might remember that she and I ran an 8k together last Spring. So we decided a few months ago to take on a new endeavor, the Phoenix 10k. It was just a mile longer than the race we ran last Spring, so a good challenge. We both trained on and off since our last race together.

This picture was post race, but at least we snapped one.

This morning we got up bright and early and we were in downtown Phoenix by 7:15 or so, where we tried to stay warm as we waited for our race to start (it was freezing, meaning 50 degrees which is cold for us Arizonans). We forgot to take any pictures until we were on the ride home, but we did get a picture with our numbers. The race itself went well. I was a little slower than I was hoping for, my time was somewhere around 59 minutes. I am not used to running in the morning as I have found that I do my best running in the afternoon, so I am not sure I was quite awake yet. It was great to run around the downtown area of Phoenix that I am less familiar with (it was in a different part than where I work). We basically ran around the capital building and all of the other government buildings. There were bands through out the course though I have to say that I did not hear any of them until about the 5 and 1/2 mile mark when my ipod mysteriously died. The battery was fine, it just started fading and then stopped. It made the last half a mile hard to run at a good finish speed because I did not have my finishing music to motivate me.

This race was also different because we did not have our cheerleaders/coaches with us. Neither Lee (Melissa's husband) nor Joel could be there, for obvious reasons, Sunday is the busiest work day of the week for them. So it was weird to not have them there to hold our stuff or tell us if we had warmed up enough or stretched enough. It was also weird crossing the finish line and not having our greatest supporters. Hopefully next race they will be able to be with us again.

Besides this, I am continuing to be busy at work and looking forward to the holidays and standing next to my sister this January as she gets married.


  1. Way to go Katie ... I'm quite impressed with your athletic ability!!

  2. *gasp* She's not wearing the wristband!

  3. so proud of my running friends! sounded like a really fun race through downtown phx. you rock!