Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Reflections

I dropped my wife off at Mark and Candace's for Ivana's princess birthday party. Mark wins the award for coolest dad ever: first, he made this for Zane and wins him a brand new bike, then created a cardboard castle with working drawbridge for the princess party. In a word, awesome.

Next, headed to Starbucks and read a few chapters of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger. Convicting quote for the day: "The increasingly affluent standard of living is the god of twenty-first-century North America, and the adman is its prophet." Translation: consumerism has America in its grip. Definitely can see this in upper-class Mesa, though the current economy has people rethinking how they spend their money.

Finally, a little down time with my wife watching Get Smart. Steve Carrell made us laugh, but I'll dig into the movie further on Monday.

And to make all our northwest friends jealous, it was a perfect 81 degrees with a slight breeze. This is what makes our uber-hot summers worth it: 80s in November!

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