Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Randomness

Our Criteria for our New House:

1. Open Floor Plan. When we lived in Portland, we were living in a house from the early 20th century that had completely isolated individual rooms. You couldn't even hold a conversation between rooms, it was so cut off from each other. We're looking for something that's spacious, open, and makes good use of the room available.

2. Centrally Located Kitchen. The kitchen in our Portland home was also very isolated, had little counter space, and had weird locations for the fridge and stove. It made it difficult to host parties or events there, because anything in the kitchen was totally cut off from the dining and living rooms. Katie definitely wants a kitchen that is great for social occasions.

3. Yard: We'd like a backyard that we could actually use, as opposed to the tiny backyards of many newer Arizona suburban homes. We don't need a huge one, just enough for barbecues and perhaps reading outside on clear mornings.

4. Not Completely Trashed: A majority of the foreclosed homes we've looked at were fairly destroyed. There was one home that had a cool floor plan, but seriously looked like the rapture had occurred--the people had left a huge amount of their personal belongings. The dishwasher was even open and filled with rusting dishes. We're open to fixing up minor things, but that one was definitely too much.

5. Community: We want to be intentional about being good neighbors and loving the people in our community. Thus, we don't want to isolate ourselves in our home, or even in our neighborhood. That seems to be a pretty easy thing to do in suburbia, and we don't want to fall into the trap of individualism. This rules out gated communities for us, which we feel promote isolation and elitism, a desire to be safe from outsiders instead of loving those outsiders. The two houses we've made offers on are in relatively nice neighborhoods but are just down the street from some lower income areas. Perhaps our own experiences of growing up in the northwest come into play--there really weren't many gated communities in my area, unlike our new home in Mesa, and there was a bit more of a community feel. (Plus, we can't really afford gated communities anyway!)

Please keep the house hunt in your prayers! We're hoping one of these offers goes through!


  1. How exciting! I'm praying for God's perfect timing, peace, provision and confirmation as He directs you guys in this endeavor!!!