Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Randomness

Ten Popular Youth Group Names

In October 2007, we changed the name of our youth ministry at RMCC from CrossFire to The Well, citing John 4 as our inspiration. Now a year later, I find myself randomly compiling a list of popular youth ministry names (and the variables thereof). There is no methodology to this, and I'm not saying anything about value or creativity of the names. These are simply popular names of youth groups or youth ministry events that I've seen often on websites and brochures. If you're involved in youth ministry, there's a good chance you've either seen or used one of these youth group names.

Ignite (or Ignition)


Xtreme (or eXtreme)

Edge (or The Edge; this is the name of RMCC's 5th/6th grade ministry)

Elevate (or Elevation)

Soul _______ (such as Soul Survivors, Souled Out, etc.)


Fire _______ (such as Firestorm, FiredUp, and the RMCC classic CrossFire)


Salt (this is the name of the high school leadership group at RMCC)

Seen any of these before? Want to add to the list? 

For further discussion, do you think youth groups should even have names? Why or why not?


  1. Just noticed a theme on my own post--many of these names connote intensity and fervor. If a youth group was named "Xtreme FireBlast" or "Soul Ignition" I'd probably expect some sort of fireworks display or explosion at every worship gathering.

  2. Haha, nice comment.

    I'm kinda against the whole youth group name/branding phenomenon. If you want to call your small groups a catchy name or whatever, that's fine. But I don't see the need for a separate youth group identity.

  3. good thoughts. why do we name our youth groups?
    i guess i just wanted to give an identity to our group. we are known as "the asylum:a place of refuge". the original meaning of asylums were a great idea, so we took that on as our kind of "mantra".
    i would be ok with going without, but for some reason i actually think that they do serve a purpose.
    if i ever have to come up with a new name for a youth group it is going to be: extreme igniting of the burning soul in the fire warrior like saltyness westchestertonfieldville.

    i claim that name, so i better not see it used for any youth group out there!!!!!!

  4. The last youth group I worked in, the HS was called "The Rock" and the Jr. High "The Edge". Our students really seemed to appreciate having an identity as a group. They often referred to themselves by those names. Do I think that names and logos etc. are a must for a ministry? No, but I do think that students like having a place to belong...and a name that goes with it! Sounds like you are doing great things Joel!

  5. The last three comments brought up the idea of group identity (or affinity). I wonder, can a group have an identity without a name? Could a name/logo become a distraction from finding identity in Christ? How does a name draw students closer to Christ? Where should students find identity/affinity in youth ministry?

    Just questions that came to mind.