Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Randomness

Jobs I'd Do if I Wasn't in Youth Ministry

Drummer: I've been playing drums for nearly 11 years now, and strongly considered early on pursuing a vocation in music. Sadly, drumming is something that's had to be placed on the backburner; family, ministry, and friends take priority. But if you ever need someone to play on your record or fill in for a show or two, I'm in.

Teacher/Professor: I found a love for education in college, where I was exposed to some incredible professors. I could see myself teaching on the junior high, high school, or college level. I enjoy the process of watching a person "get it," when the lightbulb of comprehension clicks on in their mind and their paradigm makes a small shift. But what subject would I teach? Probably English. Or psychology. Or drumming. Or interpretive dancing.*

Writer: Whether it would be books, articles, short stories, whatever, I'd love to be a writer. No, I don't have much formal education in writing, apart from a writing class my senior year of high school. But I love language, grammar, and the art of the written word. This blog is a writing outlet of sorts, a place where I can write something just for the sake of writing. I'll probably end up writing a book someday, even if only my wife and mom read it!

Film Critic: I write lame movie reviews for this blog all the time. Now, if I could get trained and paid to do that....

Professional Scrabble Player: That's right, my Scrabble skills are uber-prodigious.** I started playing my good friend Brian's dad on his computer. It eventually got to the point where I'd sit and play the computer at Brian's house instead of hanging out with him. Turned out that I liked Scrabble. I haven't even played anyone in quite awhile because my wife and friends refuse to play with me because I use words like faqir and quizzes.^ I'm not bragging--who would seriously brag about being good at Scrabble?--but it's just true. I could become one of these guys from the documentary Word Wars.

Thankfully, I love my chosen vocation of loving the emerging generation and pointing them to Jesus. I couldn't ask for anything better!

*For an example, watch this video on Facebook. If it doesn't work, just add me as a Facebook friend!

**Nerd Alert

^You have to use a blank tile for the second "z"

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  1. I totally could see you doing all of these things like I have told you many times before. And if you wrote a book, I am pretty sure there are at least six people I know that would read it. Myself, your mother, my mother, my brother, Brian and Scott. I have no doubt that each of these people would be ecstatic to read something that you wrote.