Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Conspiracy (Spend Less) part 3

This past Sunday, we handed out a list of Advent Conspiracy Relational Gift Ideas. Here are a few: 
  • A Memory Thank You Card: for a friend or relative, recall a favorite memory you had with them but never thanked them for, then write a note describing why the memory is valuable to you.
  • A Personal Gift Card: Create a gift card worth 10 hugs, a hike, a lunch together, anything that involves spending time together. The recipient can redeem the card at any time.
  • Picture Frame: Buy a cheap picture wooden frame from a crafts store, decorate it with magazine clippings and Mod-Podge, then put a favorite picture of you and the recipient of the gift in it. (I had a student from Portland do this for me; the picture sits prominently in my office. Thanks Kelsey!)
  • Bead for Life: Buy some bead jewelry made by Ugandan women at 
Read the full list here. And go to for more Advent Conspiracy gift ideas.

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  1. Kels is awesome at that type of thing. I have a few different amazing, craft gifts from her.