Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Housing Update

After a lot of thought and prayer and conversations, Katie and I are delaying the house-buying process. It's been a strange decision for me, because I felt like this is what we were supposed to do. By "supposed to do," I mean that it felt like God leading us to make that decision. So it creates all kinds of questions in my mind: was I wrong about where God was leading us? What did I miss? Or am I missing something now? Is this some sort of test? If so, what the heck is being tested? Did God change His mind? Does God even care what we decide, or will He just work with whatever we choose to do? And so on.

What made us come to this decision? I think a lot of it has to do with weighing the worst case scenarios:
  • Worst case scenario if we wait: we keep renting, the housing market goes nuts and houses triple in value in 3 months, which means we just missed an opportunity, but we don't lose anything.
  • Worst case scenario if we buy now: we end up owing more on our house than its worth, our baby costs a lot of money for some reason, and we lose a ton of cash in housing costs, leaving us stuck in a house and in financial crisis (or worse, getting booted out of our house like so many families right now).
It's honestly humbling to do this. I feel like I'm going back on a decision, like I'm being indecisive or wishy-washy. I don't want this decision to be motivated by fear or panic about the current economy; I want to lean into risk and embrace it. But Katie and I are both on the exact same page after a lot of prayer and dialogue, and that says something to me. It's also been a step of faith to try to make the best possible decision without knowing if it'll be the right one until the future.

Thanks to friends and family who have been praying and dialoguing with us through this process! We'll still keep you posted on where we end up. For now, we're still in our little apartment complex near Costco. Who knows, perhaps we're staying here for a significant reason.

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  1. so glad for you guys to come to a decision for now- bet that feels so much better, even if it wasn't what you were initially planning for/wanting. God knows!! love you guys and are excited to watch this next year of your lives and see how He leads you (ie- baby =)