Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Heart Christmas

Katie, Joel, and Sherman

It's beginning to feel more and more like Christmas here at the Maywards. This is our third Christmas together, and we're continuing a tradition we began our first Christmas: naming our Christmas tree. Last year was Winston, and this year is Sherman. It still feels weird buying a northwestern fir tree in the desert for $20. Sherman is all decorated up, we're listening to Christmas music, and we'll hopefully watch two Christmas movies tonight--Elf and Die Hard.*

What are your favorite family Christmas traditions?

*Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Yippee-ki-yay.


  1. Okay - the Lucas family has to comment on this one! We have always named our trees - this year its Mitch, In the past we've had "Hoss" (Jenna was into watching Bonanza), "Greenie" (when the kids were little), Kevin (from Home Alone), etc. Half the fun of getting our tree every year is deciding what to name it :) We also name our cars and even our Thanksgiving Day turkey. As hokey as it sounds, it has created great memories for us. :)

  2. If by hokey, you mean "awesome" then yes, it sounds hokey. :)

  3. I have to admit that the naming of trees and turkeys is new for me, but I am down with the idea.

    We eat cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning.

    Also, Liz and I are celebrating our 4th Christmas together and every year we buy each other an ornament that has something to do with the last year.

  4. Here's another tradition, especially since you'll have a little one next year. We usually put up a separate "Jesus Tree" that has a fun eclectic mix of ornaments based on Scripture, with devotions to go with each. . .knitting needles (we were knit together in the womb), a small container of playdough (HE is the potter, we are the clay), small container of Elmer's (Jesus "sticks" closer than a brother), kleenex (HE wipes away every tear), salt shaker (we to be salt), etc.etc. A great way to keep little ones focused on Christ AND have neighbor kids ask questions about our faith. :)