Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mission and Leisure

Skye Jethani writes an insightful post at Out of Ur on the economy and how the American church bases much of its mission on affluence, i.e. people giving their time and resources out of surplus. Money quote:
Pastors should be asking what would happen if we built our mission on people’s core time rather than leisure time. What if we could tap into the 80+ hours people spend every week on the job, with their families, and engaging in life’s ordinary responsibilities?
A church built upon people’s core time rather than leisure time will not only maximize its missional impact, but it will also be far less susceptible to the unstable foundations of our debt-based economy. It would mean fewer churches fearing economic recession because they’ve build their missional strategy on the foundation of ordinary life rather than institutional programs, buildings, and staffs.

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