Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Movie List Extravaganza 2009

Just like last year, my friend Cameron and I will be posting three movie lists in the final days of 2008. This year, Cameron has invited a number of other friends/bloggers to join in the movie list extravaganza. You can see the list of fellow list-makers here. I'll be linking to their lists when all have been published. To quote Cameron:
On December 30th, you should be able to read six different Top Ten Movies of 2008 on our blogs. On December 31st, you'll find the Bottom Ten Movies of 2008 lists. And last, the Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2009 on January 1st.
I've already got my Bottom Ten and Most Anticipated lists waiting to be published*, but I've still got a few more movies to see before finalizing my Top Ten (especially The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Christmas!). It's fun to take a hobby/interest and see community spring from it!

*Yeah, I'm a movie nerd.

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  1. Wow. You already have your Bottom Ten and Most Anticipated lists ready? I just have the list of movies I'm going to choose, but none of the filler.

    There are still lots of movies I need to see: The Wrestler, Ben Button, American Teen, Doubt, Let The Right One In, Rachel Getting Married, and others that I'm probably forgetting.