Monday, December 29, 2008

Real Life Watchmen

I recently finished Alan Moore and David Gibbons' Watchmen, considered by many to be the greatest graphic novel ever written. Moore writes about a world where superheroes actually exist, exploring the psychology and philosophy behind each character. Well, this article in Rolling Stone explores the world of real-life superheroes living in suburban America. The article focuses mostly on Master Legend and The Ace, two good-natured beer-guzzling guys in Orlando who have devoted their lives to goodness and justice. From the article:

Master Legend races out the door of his secret hide-out, fires up the Battle Truck and summons his trusty sidekick. "Come on, Ace!" he yells. "Time to head into the shadows!"

The Ace appears wearing his flame-accented mask and leather vest; Master Legend is costumed in his signature silver and black regalia. "This is puncture-resistant rubber," Master Legend says proudly, pointing at his homemade breastplate. His arms are covered with soccer shinguards that have been painted silver to match his mask. "It won't stop a bullet," he says, "but it will deflect knives."

"Not that any villain's knives have ever gotten that close!" the Ace chimes in.

When Master Legend bursts into a sprint, as he often does, his long, unruly hair flows behind him. His mane is also in motion when he's behind the wheel of the Battle Truck, a 1986 Nissan pickup with a missing rear window and "ML" spray-painted on the hood. He and the Ace head off to patrol their neighborhood on the outskirts of Orlando, scanning the street for evildoers. "I don't go looking for trouble," Master Legend shouts above the engine. "But if you want some, you'll get it!"

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or admire these guys; they've actually done some good in their little community, but they're also living in a fantasy world they've created. It's a fascinating story, and I'd love to see a documentary about these guys (and would love to hear more about the Green Scorpion here in Arizona!) Check out the article here.

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