Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've somehow avoided the blogging phenomenon of "tagging," where a person has you create a random list then tag (link) to other people. But it's finally happened. Marko has tagged me. Thus, here are 6 random things about myself:

1. I am adopted. I was born in Lubbock, Texas to a Mexican migrant worker named Linda. I know little about her, other than that she was supposedly tall and quite attractive, and played basketball in high school. I know even less about my biological father, Lee, who I guess was into tractor-pulling. I also have an older half-sister somewhere that Linda gave up for adoption before me. So that makes me half-Mexican, which generally surprises people.

2. I'm allergic to legumes, including peanuts, beans, and peas. So no bean burritos, pbjs, or split pea soup for Joel. Unless you want me to throw up and die.

3. I was really into dinosaurs growing up. I could accurately pronounce names like diplodocus or pterodactyl in kindergarten. This might be why Jurassic Park is still one of my favorite films of all-time; I've seen it well over 30 times.

4. The most famous person I've ever met in real life is Johnny Bosch, an actor and former black Power Ranger. He was the bassist for a worship band at a Sonlife conference I attended in 9th grade. According to Wikipedia, the guy now heads a band called Eyeshine. Quite a diverse career, that Bosch.

5. Random Story Time: Back in high school, my best friend Brian and I had met some Canadian girls on a summer mission trip. Later after Christmas, Brian and I wanted to go on a random road trip. So we contacted the girls, got into my trusty 1980s Toyota Camry, and drove the 6 hours to Canada. The crazy thing is, we hardly knew these girls--their parents didn't know us at all--and yet they opened their home to us and spent time with us for a few days. To make matters even weirder, the girls wanted to go sledding in the snow. The mom we were staying with insisted that I drive their minivan. Picture this: a teenage boy from another country shows up at your door, and you give him the keys to your vehicle and ask him to drive your daughter around in the snow?! To top it all off, I definitely lost control in the snow and crashed the minivan into a tiny car with a mom and baby inside! True story. Everyone was fine, and Canadian mom didn't even seem to care. We drove away on New Year's Eve in a snow storm. My Toyota barely made it. (Mom and Dad, I'm not sure if I ever told you that story; hope you still love me. Canadian girl Taryn: thanks for showing incredible hospitality and allowing us to eat your food and crash your minivan without hating us.)

6. I've never been to Disneyland. Sad, I know.

That's it! So now I'll tag 6 people to write 6 random things about themselves: Mark and Candace, Josh Barton, Ryan Delviken, Andrew Pratt, Josh and Shanna, and Cameron Stone.

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