Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top 10 Best Cities to Have a Baby

Check out this survey of the top 10 best cities in America to have a baby.
When Fit Pregnancy set out to find the best cities in America to have a baby, we looked at everything from doctors and hospitals to doulas, midwives, breastfeeding success rates, birth and health risk, stroller-friendly trails and parks, affordability, and a whole lot more.
Why I find this interesting is that #1 on the list is Portland, OR, #4 is Seattle, WA while #37 is Mesa, AZ. These are the three cities I've lived in, and I honestly can't argue with the results; we haven't met too many people who have been stoked with the Mesa health care system, but heard great things about Portland while living there. It's also interesting that arguably some of the most liberal cities in America are the top five: Portland, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver. Also, if you read the comments on the survey, some people have taken the whole thing very personally.

I have no further comments; I just found the whole thing interesting, considering that we're about to have our first child and we're living in #37 out of 50 cities.


  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, Vegas is #49 out of 50. Ethan was born 5 weeks after we moved here. He is a healthy happy 5 year old. We had a great experience and a great doctor ... way better than we would have had in So Cal. No matter what ... it will be fantastic!

  2. Lori, holy cats, you're right! So Cal didn't do so well either. We're actually having our baby in Scottsdale instead of Mesa, partially due to the negative stories we've heard about Mesa hospitals and doctors.

    Speaking of Vegas, I've been reading Uncensored Grace. I'm only halfway through, but the stories have been incredibly powerful examples of God's redemptive grace. Thanks so much for that!

  3. You are welcome! Glad you are liking it!

  4. Okay, hopefully this works this time!

    What kind of negative stories have you heard about Mesa hospitals? Is it like "don't eat at McDonald's because they use worm meat"? Anyway, there is no such thing as the "Mesa Healthcare System." Hospitals aren't city or state owned, but are owned and operated by non-profit companies (i.e. Banner, Catholic Healthcare, etc.). And did you read how these "city hospital rankings" were made? It mostly had to do with number parks in the city, miles of stroller-friendly trails, air quality, etc.

  5. Jake, I suppose most of my ideas about Mesa hospitals come from multiple anecdotal information, specifically about Banner hospitals. I simply can't recall a single story of anyone telling me anything good about Banner hospitals; all I've heard is negative stuff. Have you and Rilie had good experiences so far? Where are you two having your baby? Also, when I wrote "Mesa health care system," I meant "the health care in Mesa." The wording was kind of off. :)

    After looking at the survey more, there is a definite bias towards "natural" birthing stuff, which could have to do with the more liberal cities coming out on top. But poor air quality, lack of NICUs, lack of pedestrian safety, and low number of OB-GYNs are all legitimate strikes against Mesa.

  6. So I am confused didn't you move here from Portland? If things are so bad in Mesa AZ why did you move here and then decide to have kids here.Just asking. If things are so bad here and its such a bad place maybe you need to move back to Portland so you kid can be born in the #1 hospital in the US.
    And maybe there wont be people carrying guns at church for safety.(SEE OLD POST ABOUT ARMED SECURITY AT CHURCHS).
    Thats all sure this wont make the list of comments..but that I would say it. Not trying to be mean but it just sound like Mesa is a nasty dirty place. I grew up here my whole life and its an awesome place. anyways. going to stop now becuase I am probably just waisting my time since other posts of mine havent made it...

  7. Anonymous,
    I likely haven't posted past comments because you haven't chosen to be held accountable for your words by sharing your name, and I generally don't post angry-sounding anonymous comments. I'm assuming that I know you, as you seem to be from Mesa and have been reading this blog since at least early November (the date of the church security post). I'm sorry if you took either posts to be personally offensive, as they were intended to be thought-provoking conversation starters, not attacks on your personal values.

    I'm also particularly saddened that you would actually tell me to move away without revealing who you are. You can sign up for a Blogger account or simply click the button marked "Name/URL" to include your name in the future. I'd love to sit down and have a conversation with you, as you seem to be personally frustrated with me. If you'd like to do that, please leave me a comment (not anonymously) and let me know! The whole idea behind this is relationship and conversation, which simply cannot happen anonymously.

  8. Joel, I think you should have your baby at the hospital I was born at, Mesa General Hospital. Check out the link:

    But sadly, since Rilie and I do not have the privilege of going to Mesa General, we chose a doctor from Banner Gateway, the newer hospital on Higley and the 60.

    Also, are you going to take one of those "birthing preparation classes?" I think we are passing, but I am curious to know if you guys are. I've learned everything about birthing from Hollywood (i.e. Saved By the Bell--Mrs. Belding gave birth in an elevator...30 seconds and really easy! I don't know what the big deal is).

    -Jake Norton-

  9. Jake, I love that even though Mesa General is closed, you can still conveniently pay your bills from them online.

    I'm curious to hear about your experience with the new Banner, since it's brand new. We'll be taking some birthing classes starting in late spring, I think. Everything I know about birthing I also learned from TV and movies, where babies are born within 22 minutes and come out perfectly clean. :)