Saturday, December 20, 2008

Top 10 Mayward Blog Posts in 2008

These are our favorite blog posts we've written this year. Some are good because they're well-written. Some have a lot of comments. Some are just plain special to us. You might be wondering what criteria I'm using for these. The answer is, "Whatever seemed good at the time." So, in chronological order...

Skinny White People Dancing is Clearly Not Cool: Nearly a year ago this past January, I seriously bombed at leading the high school students in a Sunday morning game. The high school staff still gives me a hard time for this one. Note to self: don't try to get sleepy high school students to dance the robot.

Gus the Intern: An ode to the junior high intern I have the pleasure of harassing/serving alongside this year.

Book Review: The Shack: I wrote a mixed review for William Young's spiritual novel, and it's one of the better book reviews I think I've done.

The Face of Harvey Dent: This picture of Harvey Dent's face from The Dark Knight got this blog more daily hits than any other post this year. If you searched Google Images for "harvey dent" in 2008, you probably got this post.

Halfway there: Reflections from Katie in the middle of our summer mission trip to Latvia. It was one of the best youth ministry experiences of my life thus far.

An important message from our sponsors...: Receiving the most comments for any post this year, our little video announcement about the newest addition to the Mayward family is still fun to watch. Thanks for all the congrats!

Confessions of a Twilight Fan: This post about my appreciation for Twilight spurred on some in-depth and refreshing dialogue in the comments. By the way, we love comments and online conversation. So write more comments! :)

Youth Ministry 3.0: My review for Marko's insightful youth ministry book was posted on Marko's blog, which made me feel weirdly honored.

Advent Conspiracy: The Advent Conspiracy series of posts this December has been personally impacting and enjoyable to write. My prayer is that this idea could actually change someone's life.

We would like you to meet...: The first picture of our little baby still gets my emotions going every time I look at him/her.

Thank so much for taking the time to read our thoughts and stories this year! We hope you've been blessed by reading our little blog as much as we have writing it.

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  1. What's so funny is that I was thinking of doing a list like this, too. I decided not to because I'm not that prideful. j/k.