Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Bump Update

I still cannot believe that it has been 16 weeks (4 months) that this little one has been inside me. Some days it feels like it has already gone by so fast, other days I just pray that the rest will speed by quicker than the last part has. At 16 weeks I am feeling slightly more like myself (at least the "myself" that I can remember). It seems that I am having more good days than bad days now, but when those bad days hit I am pretty much out all day. Fatigue has definitely been the biggest challenge of this pregnancy. It seems that no matter how much sleep I get I always need more. This is not incredibly surprising to most of you probably because I was always tired before I was pregnant. Now just combine that with the struggle to eat and it is a whole new ballgame.

I think the hardest part for me now is that I am in a limbo stage. I don't yet know the gender of the baby (two more weeks to go on that one). I have yet to feel he or she move. I can still wear almost all of my normal clothes comfortably and yet there are some that are not comfortable at all. I feel like for the most part I look the same, but something is very obviously different. There is no time that I feel this more than during my runs. When I throw on my running clothes I feel like I should be able to conquer those miles just as easy as before but now I feel the fatigue and what might be worse than that, the constant feeling of needing to pee.

So right now I am fighting the patience part of all of this. I cannot believe how excited I am to get to some of those landmarks on this journey. To put a he or a she to the little one that I think so much about. To feel the kicks and the punches just as a little reminder that yes in fact there is a child growing inside of me and that all is well. I think the one thing I am not all that excited about is shopping for maternity clothes. I have already started the preliminary looking online and get discouraged after about five minutes. The most recent thing I have had fun doing though is registering. Even though we don't yet know the gender of this little one, we have already decided what the nursery is going to look like and I am really excited. I have also started researching strollers, car seats and all of the other fun things that go along with caring for babies. This has at least provided a little bit of distraction for me on the hard days and something to really look forward to in the coming weeks.

Lastly, I wanted to make sure that I posted a belly picture for all of you that live far away. Yes, I know what you are all thinking... belly? I don't see one. And to that I say, I am trying my hardest!


  1. at least you look cute growing that belly (which will come, however big or small =)- and i can't wait! sorry about the tiredness- hoefully that will get better b/c you will need to rest up before he/she gets here!!

  2. I see it! And I feel your frustration when others don't see it!!

  3. about the belly...we know you are trying hard AND you are doing a great job!!!! I cannot wait to see all the stuff you have picked out for your nursery :-)

  4. You totally have a belly! I can't wait to see you, friend. Sorry you're so fatigued - hope that you can find a rhythm of some kind soon.

  5. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! It is funny, at the end of the day I am now by habit reporting to Joel everything that I ate during the day, always pronounced like a three year old who is so proud!

  6. Don't get discouraged about the maternity clothes! Really, I think all you really need that is technically "maternity" is a couple good pairs of pants. The rest can just be non maternity tops that just have and empire waist or something that'll have more give around that expanding tummy! Really, I barely bought anything when I was pregnant.

  7. Yay for the baby bump! You are totally cute. :)

    So Brian and I have decided that since we've been calling the baby Mini Mayward, that's going to stay our nickname. But if it's a boy, Brian thinks we should call him Minnow. Hahaha

  8. i was in the same boat as you on the maternity clothes...until i found motherhood maternity. their pants are AMAZING - specifically, the secret belly fit ones. so great. and, they actually fit quite well. they range from $20-$40 a pair, and it was worth every penny. you'll feel kinda ridiculous in them at first, until you start getting bigger...then, you'll be so glad you got them.

    i looked, and there are 2 motherhood stores in mesa. one at the fiesta mall and one a superstition springs center. their website is

    go try the secret belly fit! i promise it's worth your time.

    maternity shirts - ross is great, as are places like charlotte russe or target. just buy a size bigger than you normally would. and, stick with a little flow-ier top. lol.

    glad to hear your bad days are less than your good days. and, enjoy this moment, while you still have your body to some degree - the rest goes by SO fast :o]

  9. Andrea,

    Thanks for the advice! Maybe in the next few weeks I will venture out. I am also hoping that by the time that I really need to wear maternity clothes it will be so warm down here that I will probably wear a lot of skirts and dresses. Hopefully I can limit the amount of pants I need to buy because they are kinda expensive to only wear for a little while especially down here because it is going to be so hot. Thanks again for the advice! I will let you know how it goes when I get to that part.