Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blogs and Mission

Dan Kimball asks a great question about the addictive nature of online social networking:
Could blogging, twittering, Facebook etc. be addictive - and if so, can it actually get in the way of mission? The answer may be obvious, but when we spend time doing something, it takes away from time we could be spending doing something else. So do the hours we can spend on blogs, twitter, Facebook and even reading about missional things on blogs take away too much from the time that we could actually be on mission and spending with people in real life?
It got me wondering about how I spend my time during the day. What does my time look like for reading blogs vs. reading Scripture, looking at Facebook statuses vs. talking to friends in real life, learning about misson vs. living out mission. If I was honest, I probably spend a good 2-3 hours a day online with Facebook and blogging. And I don't even have Twitter. (The irony of this whole thing is that this is a blog post).

How about you? How much time do you spend with online social networking vs. offline social interaction? And could online life be considered "real life?"

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  1. ahhhh....i have been thinking about this for quite awhile. i find that people spend way too much time on the internet in "social networks" but are forgetting how to really by social. it is helping us and hurting us in so many ways