Thursday, January 15, 2009


Roger Ebert once again writes something phenomenal on his blog, this time about that transcendent feeling you get--shivers up the spine, tears welling in your eyes, a lump in your throat--when something absolutely wonderfully good is happening right before your eyes. Ebert calls it Elevation. It's not weeping out of sadness or emotional manipulation (think Seven Pounds or Marley and Me). This is a deep, gut-rooted emotion that comes from something beautiful and powerful. This happens for me while watching films all the time--most recently while watching Man On Wire when Petit achieves his ridiculous dream of wirewalking the twin towers in New York, or perhaps during Viola Davis's brief-yet-extraordinary scene in Doubt.

Both Ebert's thoughts and the reader's comments are worth the read. (Though the picture of Oprah looking like she's just lost all bowel control seems a bit out of place).

What are movies that consistently bring about Elevation in you?

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