Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good times....

The Bride and bridesmaids working on flowers.

The incredible flowers that I helped make (kind of). My sister is a genius.

My sister, Keira and I assembling party platters.

Getting the hall decorated for the ceremony
(I know the pic is a little dark but it was beautiful)
Joel and I in Seattle enjoying a day at the water.
(we promptly went inside after this picture because we were cold and soaked.)

This past week and a half has been crazy. We have seen a ton of people and driven all over the place. I just wanted to list some highlights and adventures along the way.

First, I saw more water in this past week than I have probably seen in years. It was a combination of many feet of melting snow and 72 straight hours of hard rain that basically flooded almost all of southwestern Washington. As we were driving from Olympia to Portland on Wednesday I am pretty sure they were closing the freeway behind us. I could not believe how much water was on each side of the freeway. I have no words nor pictures to describe the experience. We had only been in Portland just a few short hours when we got the news that I-5 was closed and there was a possibility that it would be for many days. There are few detours around this and every one was washed out by mudslides or closed for avalanche danger. But the Lord is good. I-5 opened Friday afternoon and everyone that was supposed to be at the wedding was.

Weddings are crazy. I love weddings, but man, after they are over I am always reminded of how much work goes into them. I love my sister dearly and for her I would do anything including be a part of the stress of a wedding. But I have to give most of the credit to my dear sister. She had everything so planned and organized. I was so impressed and proud. It went so smoothly and beautifully and it was fully Amanda from start to finish. She was completely in her element and it was a joy to stand up next to her and be a part of this incredible day. I can remember long ago when we would talk about being each others maids of honor. I am glad that we were able to fulfill that dream.

Finally, my husband is pretty much awesome. I was reminded this week how much I love the man that I married. I love weddings mostly because they remind me of the day that I married my best friend and the person that by far I have the most fun with in the whole world. I still cannot believe that it was two and a half years ago that we were married, because to me it feels like yesterday. I was also so proud to be standing next to him as he for the first time officiated a wedding. It could not have been more beautifully done. He was a brother, marrying a sister and a new brother it was so personal and I know that we will remember it forever.

We will post more pictures when we have them, or at least a link to them. I know that there will be some great shots from the photographer and I look forward to seeing them. I know we have been kinda silent this week, but thanks for hanging in there. By the way, we will update later this week about baby stuff. We have another appointment on Tuesday and will post some pictures of a potential baby bump... yes you heard it, there might be a very slight hint of a baby bump.


  1. yeah for weddings and awesome sisters who help make them nice. you are a good one katie! hope your having a sweet time.

  2. wow, those flowers are beautiful! it sounds like the wedding was fabulous.

    it was really great to see you and for you to meet felicity...thanks for making the time to hang out with us!

    and, you think you have a baby bump, huh? exciting! does joel think so, too? i told you, i remember having a baby bump long before any of my co-workers could even remotely agree with me...i look forward to seeing your pics of the baby bump, though!