Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Josiah Update

Our friends Jason and Cindy have been praying a ton for their new little son, Josiah. To give a brief update, Josiah had to have surgery on his colon this past week and he seems to be recovering well. His little body just has to figure out how to poop now. Please still be praying for them, especially for endurance and patience as they continue to wait. God has been faithful throughout this whole process, and it's beautiful to see His grace on this family.


  1. wow! we are honored, humbled, and blessed to have you guys include josiah in your prayers and blog. thank you for your concern and love. we look forward to sharing stories with josiah about friends like you! ptL!!!

  2. Hey friend! Thanks so much for the love! We got the flowers today - they are so beautiful! Nurses were picking out their favorite ones! Too fun.

    We're hoping to go home soon!
    Love you! - Cin