Friday, January 23, 2009

Pastor/Elder Dinner

We're having the annual pastor/elder dinner tonight! At last year's dinner, I ate something I was allergic to and puked for a whole day. Not fun. Food allergies are the constant thorn in my side and generally a constant topic of conversation surrounding me*. So this year, I'm coming prepared: I'm eating my own homemade dinner. I refuse to get sick again, even if it means eating plain chicken and rice for the rest of my life and being awkward during social situations by not eating what everyone else is eating.

It's a no brainer for me. Either be awkward by not eating, or be awkward by vomiting on the floor** and not showing up to church on Sunday. I vote for the former.

*"So you can't eat peanut butter or beans? How do you survive without candy bars or Mexican food!?" "By eating healthy." :)
**This will be the last post about vomit in awhile, I hope.


  1. "How do you survive without candy bars or Mexican food!?"

    "Two words: Hot Tamales."