Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uncensored Grace

The newest book from Jud Wilhite would also have made my top books of 2008 list if I had finished in time. I received this book as a freebie from Jud's wife Lori, who has an awesome blog here for pastor's wives. It's the second edition, previously titled Stripped (I don't know why they changed the title). The book is a collection of stories about people in Las Vegas experiencing God's grace. I'm a sucker for redemption stories, and these are some of the more moving true-life stories I've ever read. From strippers to Elvis impersonators to a gay man suffering from AIDS, these are people with diverse backgrounds and broken lives, all redeemed by God's grace. There were moments where I found my eyes watering while reading the stories. I was also struck by Jud's humility throughout the book. He was honest about his own faults and his need for grace. This could have become a "look how awesome Central Christian is!" book, but it's far from it. Instead, it's a "look at how awesome God's grace is!" book.

Money quote:
[Jesus's] life reveals that the more spiritually mature I am, the more approachable I am to people who feel far from God. As spiritual maturity increases, approachability increases.
I shared this statement with our junior high students one Sunday, inviting them to evaluate their own approachability to others at their school and if they see people through the eyes of Jesus. It's one of the more convicting statements I've read in awhile, causing me to evaluate my own approachability with people. Would people who don't know God, who've never been to church, who could care less about Jesus...would those people want to spend time with me because they understood that I loved them no matter what? I pray that I can live out a Christ-like answer to that question.

(Thanks for the book Lori!)

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  1. Of course you are totally welcome! And FYI ... they changed the name because apparently Christian Bookstores won't carry a book with that title. LAME! I guess Vegas makes some Christians nervous and uncomfortable.

    So glad you enjoyed it!