Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wedding Frenzy

The past couple of days have been a frenzy of activity getting ready for the wedding that's happening tonight. I spent much of yesterday shuttling people from the airport to motels or the grange where the wedding is taking place. I forgot just how tiring wedding preparations can get! The rehearsal dinner last night was lots of fun, and I'm sure we'll have more pictures to post of all the wedding prep activities.

I was up ridiculously late hanging out with my new brother-in-law Aaron and his roommates/co-workers for a bachelor party. It turns out that Aaron has been living in a house in middle-of-nowhere Washington out in farm country. The roads were endlessly snaking through farmland and forests, with some of the thickest fog I've ever experienced. It was either a great setup for a bachelor party, or the perfect setting for a horror film. (A group of guys ventures into the fog-covered woods, never to be seen again! ). We made a huge bonfire and stood around it. I don't know why that can be fun, but it was. Aaron's roommates/co-workers nearly all work in the forest service with him, so there was a lot of talk about mudslides, hunting, and forest fires. I found it fascinating, as it's such a foreign lifestyle to me. It was good to get to know Aaron a little better, and the fire was wonderfully hot on such a cold night.

The weather has let up and I-5 is open, which means we'll have guests at the wedding! Looking forward to officiating my first wedding, and so excited for Amanda and Aaron!

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